"Lost" classmates are individuals we cannot locate at the present time.  The Office of Alumni Affairs at Lincoln periodically loses contact with graduates. When the post office returns mail to Lincoln and phone numbers or e-mail addresses are no longer correct, and updates are not received from the graduates or their families, Lincoln marks the records as "lost" and our classmates no longer get mailings from Lincoln or hear from us.

Look below to see who is "lost" from our class. If you have any information about any of these classmates (updated addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses) or if YOUR information has changed, please let us know. We are especially looking for e-mail addresses to add to our database and list serve (LU67@yahoogroups.com) Click here to provide information on missing classmates or update your profile.

Mr. James N. Allen  '67
Mr Adam Awaleh '67
Mr. James B. Bailey '67
Dr. Scott R. Barrett, Jr. `67
Mr Charles P Beck '67
Roland Blossom, Esq. `67
Mr Frederick A Byrd '67
Mr Wendall T Cain '67
Mr Joseph H Carroll '67
Mr Bobby J Coan '67
Mr James G Duncan '67
Ms Julian Ellison '67
Mr. Alfred L. Francis  '67
Mr Andre J Funches '67
Mr. Jacob F. Graff  '67
Mr Peter N Ho '67
Mr Richard E Howard '67
Mr Inyang A Ikpong '67
Mr Naib B Iscandari '67
Mr Kanigilakoppa Jagannathm '67
Mr. Reginald G. James, Jr.  '67
Mr. Walter F. James '67
Mr Mohamed J Jibrell '67
Mr Daniel W Jones '67
Mr Bernard N Kachama '67
Mr Benjamin Lach '67
Mr Benedict R Lacorte '67
Mr Thomas M Lyons '67
Mr Vincent Mabatla '67
Mr Theodus Mack III '67
Mr Dieudonne Mahoungou '67
Mr Nyawanga Misori '67
Mr Paul K Moonyane '67
Mr. James A. Murphy '67
Mr Christopher C Mutambirwa '67
Mr. Henry R. Njuguna '67
Mr David H Noznesky '67
Mr Anthony Okello '67
Mr Kenneth E Overby '67
Mr James J Petrucci Jr '67
Mr. Collis Phillips '67
Mr Terry S Richards '67
Ms. Collynn Riggs '67
Mr Eugene Sayles  '67
Mr Salanalo Segage '67
Mr Jeffrey D Sharpless '67
Mr Joel G Sheffey '67
Mr. Zikroo A. Shittu '67
Mr Gerald L Shoop '67
Ms Emma Shoun '67
Mr. Dwight E. Spence '67
Mr Anthony I Taliaferro '67
Mr Milton H Thomas '67
Mr. Udo U. Umoren '67
Mr Raymond L Vicks Jr '67
Dr. Robert N. Walker  '67
Mr Thomas E Wallwork '67
Mr. William A. Webb, Esq. '67
Mr Alford J Williams '67
Mr Douglas M Williams '67
Mr Warren O Williams '67
Mr Elwood D Willis Jr '67
Mr. William T. Young '67